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What is FuelGems
A tiny micro-dose of this carbon-based nanoparticle will create a never-before-seen impact on both the fuel industry – and the future. Our scientific breakthrough in fuel has created a landmark that will transform the way people power every single mode of transport through 2050.
"30% fuel savings with Toyota engine and Shell's fuels. Reduction in particulate matter in a 7,500-mile field trial powering Mercedes C-Class with Shell's FuelSave Diesel. Engine cell showed reduction in dangerous pollutants up to 50%"
Reasons to Invest in FuelGems:
Most powerful fuel additive in history which makes gasoline cars almost as clean as electric cars.
Six PhD level scientists and co-founder/CEO helped achieve 2 start-up exits.
Backed by a VC fund and over 1200 investors from one of the most successful Regulation CF campaigns in 2020.
Multi-billion prospective clients and enormous fuel market at $3.5 trillion.
Patent filed and patent pending: in cooperation with one of top IP law firms.
Product characteristics allow to potentially dominate market very quickly.
Our mission and timeline:
Technology is invented and tested
Working product fully developed and backed by a VC fund
FuelGems raised almost $1 million: multi-billion prospective customers, first production facility launched
FuelGems strives to become the most successful fuel additive worldwide
By 2026 the company hopes it will be in a position to conduct IPO
Our investors
FuelGems Inc. is backed by Sputnik ATX, a venture capital fund, headed by, a PhD physicist, Dr. Oksana Malysheva, and Joe Merrill.
Once part of the strategic teams of McKinsey and Motorola. Dr. Malysheva holds a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in physics as well as a B.S. and M.S. in physics.
Joe has over $3 billion of transaction experience in venture investing. He has also founded and exited two start-ups, Pan Am Education and Smart FundEd.
one of top performing campaigns on Wefunder in 2020
Some of our 1200+ angel investors had professional experience at these companies:
What our Investors Say:
  • Strongly believe in the project. The next Google, Tesla and/or Microsoft in the making.
  • FuelGems is revolutionizing the fuel tech industry! Definitely a key player that will be acquired by a major player!
  • I work for a supplier in the automotive industry. There are new CO2 regulations coming into effect in the next 10 years in Europe. This type of product could help auto manufactures meet regulations. Excited for the opportunity to invest in a great company!
  • I've decided to invest in a cleaner future, putting my little piece in this puzzle to battle climate change.
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  • Reducing greenhouse gases, increasing customer efficiency and working to build a cleaner planet are all ideas I can get behind. FuelGems has a real "gem" on its hands with this one.
  • The no. 1 reason is cleaner fuel for a healthier 🌍!
  • We are all driving for a cleaner world, and a product like this would literally lower the footprint of every vehicle owner.
  • Groundbreaking technology!
  • Love what you are putting together, here!
  • A fantastic idea whose time has come. With the rise of hybrids and electrics, it past time to think about the millions of other cars that will be on the road for a very long time. You did! Fuel Gems will have a huge impact. As a conservationist and scientist fighting to protect the world's biodiversity, I thank you!
  • I want to find modest, reasonable, consistent steps to reduce green house gases and drive toward a greener future while having a chance to make a modest return on capital
  • As a user of fuel additives I see this being important for not only saving money it is also helping to Cut emissions. With the outstanding team leading this company this investment can't go wrong. I can't wait to see what is ahead.
Images used in this video are in the prospective client pilot trial phase, FuelGems is not currently available on the public market.
FuelGems Traction and Market.
We can price our additive up to 95% less than competitors, thus, we believe, our unbeatable pricing advantage along with a wide array of benefits and the ability to easily add FuelGems to fuel at a wholesale level will allow us to capture a large market share worldwide very quickly.
FuelGems: 16x growth
over one year
Fuel Market is
$3.5 Trillion
Source: FuelGems
Source: Energy Watch Group, FuelGem, European Commission
Nanoparticles will be used in products that represent over $2 trillion in the global economy
The increase in total funding for nanotechnology companies from 2018 to 2021 was 97% for total of $11.5 billion.
Nanotechnology market is forcasted to grow 18.3% CAGR to 290.3 billion in 2028.
Source: Crunchbase
Source: EmergenResearch
The FuelGems
Performance results are confirmed by research institute tests and real life field trials.
Our revolutionary additive reduces the following dangerous greenhouse gas emissions:
Unburnt Hydrocarbons by 49.5%
Carbon Monoxide by 15%
Carbon Dioxide by 9%
Particulate Matter
An extremely small amount leads to a massive impact on your fuel:
1-5 Grams per 260 Gallons
(1000 liters)
We increase lubrication and:
Extend Engine Life
Extend Fuel Pump Life
FuelGems additive saves up to 9% and works with:
Diesel, Gasoline and Bio-fuel
Users Gain up to 1000% ROI
We've developed a proprietary production method that minimizes our additive costs:
Mere Cents to Treat a Gallon of Gas
Our additive stops fuel oxidation in its tracks so that:
Your Fuel Stays Fresh Much Longer
World-wide fuel market and its applications
FuelGem’s countless applications will create a shockwave across the massive $3.5 trillion fuel market – with multiple industries poised to reap the incredible rewards.
Outsoursing to Chemical Producers
In-house Production
Licensing to Refineries
We are a nanotechnology company on a mission to transform the fuel industry by turning cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking advancements into an easy-to-use, powerful, and game-changing product to make fuel cleaner and more efficient. We recently launched a production facility to make this possible
FuelGems scientists have designed, complex electronic modules and processes which generate plasma for production of our unique nanoparticle. These modules are incredibly cost-effective to assemble, allowing for smooth production and high scalability.
Our electronic engineers and computer scientists have built custom software from the ground up to control our reactors and plasma, guaranteeing quality and precision throughout the production process.
FuelGems chemical engineers have synthesized nanoparticles and chemically treated them using proprietary patent protected approaches so that they easily dissolve in additive and in fuel.
Transmission Electron Microscope and High Resolution Transmission Electron
Microscopy: Nanoparticles sized 5-80 nm
RAMAN Spectroscopy
X-Ray Diffraction Analysis and X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Our chemists have invented a process to treat nanoparticles while solving the major issue of avoiding nanoparticle agglomeration. This allows a tiny amount of 1 gram of nanoparticles to disperse and stay that way in one ton of fuel (264 gallons), allowing for stable, consistent and repeatable results.
Chemical Engineering
Our chemists have created a patent protected fuel additive which was used in over 1,000,000 miles of real-world driving to ensure practical, predictable and tangible results.
Fuel additive
Download Technical Validation
Extensive advanced R&D and testing is key to our success. We’ve engaged with over 5 research institutions in USA and Europe, such as the Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research and Coventry University, and conducted extensive research and tests on an atomic and molecular level as well as in tribology, and in diesel/gasoline engine cell testing. We’ve also drove over 1 million miles with our additive to guarantee complete safety for all types of engines. Our exhaustive tests have resulted in amazing news for all forms of transport all over the planet.
Our Patents
We’ve partnered with a Tier-1 IP Law firm and patented our ground-breaking IP. FuelGems additive is a game-changer for fuel and our formula is protected. Our incredibly advanced and breakthrough approach to produce our additive has created an entirely new molecule and invented a way to treat the molecule to efficiently dissolve in fuel, leading to unparalleled results that the world has never witnessed until now.
Our Team
FuelGems team consists of business and scientific leaders who are at the peak of their fields and forefront of their expertise. Our world-class scientific team is made up of distinguished 6 PhD scientists and engineers with backgrounds in chemistry, physics, automotive engineering and electrical engineering.
FuelGems advisors are executives from
Kirill Gichunts is an investor and entrepreneur, who has mentored and been a part of more than 15 companies and helped achieve two startups exits and did an award winning IPO.
Managing Partner at EastOne’s VC accelerator. Invested and mentored over 15 companies.
Selected investments
Kabanchik acquired by
Preply, growth stage, raised 50.6 million USD
PromoRepublic , growth stage, raised 6.4 million USD
Poptop, Series A stage, raised 1 million USD
Founding team member of Silicon Valley start-up InFreeDA acquired by AT&T (NYSE:T)
Advised Microsoft on launching technology accelerator Cloud Business City
Semifinalist of Cleantech Open
EastOne (venture capital)
Semi-finalist Cleantech
KBC Securities
Hilspen Capital
Global Asset Capital
UC Berkeley

Nanotechnology Scientist
Chemical Engineer
Automotive Engineering Scientist
Chemical Engineer
What's already been successfully accomplished
Designed cost-effective technology to manufacture the nanoparticles
Verified the technology via field trials and rigorous research institute tests
Built core management and scientific team
Built business model and proved high customer demand
Completed one of most successful Reg CF campaigns in 2020
Launched initial production facility
Designed product ready for mass production
Pilot projects with multi-billion corporations
Grew prospective B2B and B2C customer base 16x
Filed a patent and patent pending

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FuelGems harnesses cutting-edge nanotechnology to reduce dangerous greenhouse gases, significantly conserve fuel and breathe new life into the longevity of engine components.

The one-of-a-kind production methodology allows FuelGems' price to fall well below every existing competitor, leading to a meteoric rise in expected market share.
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